G.A.P. Vassilopoulos Group provides electronic collaborating tools connecting retailers and suppliers, in association with Retail@Link S.A. which has an established platform in the Greek market since 2003.

Retail@Link S.A, a member of Entersoft Group of Companies, is an Independent Service Provider operating as a B2B Hub between businesses. Since 2003, Retail@Link is constantly promoting a set of innovative collaboration models aiming to facilitate its partners' processes.

Customer Benefits

Reducing Operating Costs
Effective Communication & Collaboration
Enhancing Customer Loyalty
Elimination of Order Mistakes                
Reduced Inventories
Reduced Out Of Stocks

Supply Chain Retail@Link Services:

e-Invoicing - e-Archiving - EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

  Cost Reduction for invoice Issuers & Senders (up to 65%)

  Immediate ROI

  Fast -Accurate –Legal Transmission, Processing & Archiving

 Improved B2B Financial Information Flow

  Reduction of Data Processing Mistakes

 Elimination of Data Entry Cost

 Fast Roll Out to Business Partners

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Collaborative Supply Chain Management Services

  Reduced Inventories

  Improved Service Levels

  Reduced Out-Of –Stocks

 Enhanced Customer Loyalty

  Reduced Administrative Costs

 Elimination of Product Returns

 Elimination of Order Mistakes

 Shorter Lead Times

 High Inventory Visibility

 Demand Forecasting

 Lower Logistics and Transportation Costs

Retail@Link Brochure


  20 Strovolos Ave. 2011, 
  Nicosia, Cyprus


   +357 22710000

   +357 22514081

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